How We Focus Our Efforts

The United Heritage Charity Foundation places priority on contributing to deserving organizations invested in improving the lives of others. To optimize our efforts, the Charity Foundation supports organizations whose focus includes one or more of a few specific areas outlined within this section.

   Education Initiatives

With a belief that our children remain our single greatest resource, the United Heritage Charity Foundation is a strong supporter of education initiatives for young people. By giving today’s youth every opportunity for success, our communities will grow and prosper.

   Medical Research

Medical research has been and will continue to be an important aspect of our culture. With medical research, many illnesses have been cured and many more still need a cure to be found. It is because of this continued need for research that the Charity Foundation supports organizations related to this effort.

   Support for Sick and At Risk Children

This area of focus stems from the same line of thought as education initiatives and the belief that children are the key to our future. The Charity Foundation believes it is important to help those that are sick and at risk in order to give as many children as possible the opportunity for success and a bright future.

   Elderly Assistance

The Charity Foundation believes it is crucial to take care of those from earlier generations who now need assistance in their daily lives. Just as today’s youth are our single greatest resource for the future, the elderly are our link to the past.

   Military & Veteran Assistance

The United Heritage Charity Foundation feels it is important to support our military and veterans in as many ways as possible to show our appreciation of their many sacrifices.