Please note: United Heritage Charity Foundation outgoing donations are limited at this time.

Requests for Donations

Because the Charity Foundation receives many requests for support, from necessity, guidelines have been put in place to focus our support on specific types of charities within our Areas of Focus:


Consideration for support is given to organizations that address one or more of these specific areas.


Qualifications and Requirements

The United Heritage Charity Foundation has established requirements regarding donation requests to align with the Foundation’s mission and Areas of Focus. In order for a request to be considered by the United Heritage Charity Foundation Board of Directors, the following information is requested:

  •    Completed Donation Request Form
  •    Verification of active 501(c)(3) status
  •    Description/mission of organization (brochures or information packet encouraged)
  •    Current financial summary
  •    Contact Name, telephone number, email and complete mailing address

United Heritage Charity Foundation accepts Donation Requests from organizations once a calendar year. All requesting organizations must fill out the Donation Request Form, accompanied by other necessary information. If you wish to receive funds by a particular date, please ensure that United Heritage Charity Foundation receives the Donation Request no less than eight weeks prior. Donation Requests may be emailed to or mailed to:

United Heritage Charity Foundation
P.O. Box 202348
Austin, Texas 78720